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We are your specialist for screws with multifarious head and thread shapes. We produce: Hammer screws, nail screws, ring screws, flat leaf bolts, abnormal screws, special screws, shoulder screws, angular screws, heart screws, screw nails, ball head screws, wood screw pins, drive-in screw pins, drive-in screws, slide nuts, hammer screws, etc.



Iron, stainless steel (1.4301 and 1.4401), copper, bronze, aluminium, brass as well as all kinds of special materials.

Gauge numbers:

2 – 10 mm, exception ring screws: up to 7 mm

Drawing-in length:

up to 700 mm, exception ring screws: up to 80 mm

Thread shapes:

Metric screw thread (fine – coarse), left-handed threads, trapezoidal thread, wood thread, sheet metal thread and special threads on request


all surface coatings as well as finishing and hardening

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Blattschrauben Hammerkopfschrauben, Hammerschrauben
Ringschrauben Drahtbiegeteile mit Gewinde, Schraubhaken


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